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Are you on the body corporate of a South African residential estate, and looking to appoint a security company that offers more peace of mind than you’ll find outside its walls?  Choose Tactical Guarding as your go-to partner in high-end estate security.

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Combined efforts for Residential Guarding & Security

We live in a society with a high level of crime so those who choose estate living should not suddenly think they are immune to break-ins and other forms of crime – even though these occur within such estates much less frequently than externally, especially when compared to commercial property.  Estates provide a high level of safety and security when an intelligent combination of security measures are employed, ranging from a perimeter fence, controlled access points, 24/7 patrols and a high-tech monitoring system. Also, a reputable security company will not cut corners or use technological substitutes in keeping residents, homes and possessions secure. Estate living comes at a cost, and the costs are supposed to include the ability for residents to roam about freely between the clubhouse and neighbours, while kids ride skateboards or bicycles in the streets.

Residential Guarding

Our dedication to creating safer and more controlled living spaces not only keeps your personal assets safe but we also increase your family’s well-being by providing them with peace of mind and increased freedom to enjoy your life and home, the way you planned it.

We are experts in three spheres of residential guarding. By implementing advancements in technology, we are leading in bringing the future of security to your estate.

Road Closures

Being able to defend ourselves from unwelcomed visitors in our neighbourhoods have become more and more important to those living in freestanding homes. Over the years, we have opened and successfully maintained many road closures that were established to keep criminals at bay.

Our award winning solutions are a testament to the dedication with which we serve our communities.

We are passionate about ensuring that every resident and employee feels safe and secure in the estate where they build their lives and their homes. Hence, we take pride in providing a personalised yet integrated security service at the residential estates we look after.  Our ability to secure your premises extends beyond the typical guarding service as we go about integrating our service with on-site and off-site alarm monitoring, specialised estate armed reaction, hi-tech security and dedicated investigation support. 

Complex Guarding

Complexes have been a successful solution in managing access to your community and property. However, managing a complex and its security risks and concerns has throughout the years become more complex as criminals become more savvy.

Ensuring a complete and integrated security system with dedicated guards, we are able to manage and maintain your complex security with maximum efficiency.

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Security within the estate

Buying or renting your ideal home in a well-established and secure residential estate or complex creates a safety cocoon and is welcomed in a high crime country. We believe in the “onion layer” approach where we secure the estate from the outside in. This consists of a 24 hour monitored electric fence, CCTV linked to an offsite control center and/or linked to the guard house for early detection as well as a physical barrier. Access points are properly assessed and a turnkey solution is developed to suit the unique requirements of each estate. This will include an audit trail system for all vehicles and pedestrians as it is of utmost importance to know who is on your site at any given time.

Establishing a complete security

OMNI-PRESENCE where nothing goes unseen

Virtual Guarding

Virtual Guarding makes use of off-site monitoring technology to patrol your premises or perimeters virtually. This interactive remote guarding system is not only cost-effective, but it can prevent crime and vandalism while creating an overall safer environment for your home or business. If you have too few guards and insufficient budget, virtual guarding provides you with a viable alternative to boots on the ground.

Virtual Supervision

Via strategically placed cameras, we can monitor your staff on site to ensure that they are performing their duties. From warehousing to monitoring your estate guards - this random monitoring is undetectable ensuring that your team is performing as they should.

Off-Site Monitoring

Our off-site monitoring system uses security cameras with analytic technology and advanced sensing devices combined with a remote command centre to monitor your property 24/7. With live video verification there are virtually no false alarms, resulting in priority response by your armed reaction service provider. Live video is being analysed by intervention specialists to detect real-time threats. Essentially, your off-site monitoring system is an automated sensing device whose only role is detection and alert. Security officers are no longer needed to watch multiple TV screens.

Event Verification

Event verification allows a home or business owner to check in on an event from anywhere. With innovative mobile technology, you can use your phone, tablet or laptop to check in on your premises. This is the foundation of any interactive monitoring home or business security system. By implementing a video surveillance system with remote access capabilities into your home or business, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you have reliable, state-of-the-art equipment watching over your premises. View live streaming video of your home or business, or receive clips and images on demand (like the kids coming home from school), with a professional video surveillance system.

Estate security guards out on patrol

To keep the estate as safe as possible, a reputable company will send out regular circulars to residents that offer tips and keep everyone updated on matters pertaining to security within the grounds. For example:

  • ensure that you and your family members know where the alarm-linked panic button is in your home – in case of an incident; and
  • get to know your neighbours so you can watch each other’s homes for signs of anything amiss – especially over the holidays.
  • Stay off your cellphone when driving up to the entrance of the estate and your own driveway.

These factors should add hugely to the multi-layered approach taken by security personnel, from detection technology and cameras, to regular perimeter patrols, scheduled estate patrols, and individual house alarms linked to their systems or an external source.

Sound the alarm to alert your estate security guards

Did you know: the perimeter fence acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders;

  • a CCTV camera system provides immediate data, often with thermal detection these days, on which security staff can act without delay and ensuring that ambush situations do not occur;
  • access control measures should ideally comprise individual access cards or, even better, biometrics, with no access being permitted to any visitor without telephonic verification from a resident; and
  • This needs to be accompanied by a vehicle license scanner to ensure that there is an audit trail of who enters and exits the estate. This comes in very handy with contractors.
  • Security guards should be highly trained in the estate’s unique system, so they are never at a loss as to what to do when an incident occurs.

Estate compliance

Every estate has rules and regulations within the premises to which each resident, visitor and contractors need to abide to. Who will enforce these rules as you do not want neighbours policing one another? We offer a complete security solution where we do not just place boots on the ground; we help you with the day to day running of your estate.

Here are some of the items we can equip the security officer with:

  • Body worn camera with audio and visual
  • Noise level meter
  • Transgression book for record keeping
  • Speed trapping
  • Security drones

Specialised training

So you have a security officer, what happens when a fire breaks out and there is a medical incident and he is first on the scene?

We offer specialised training specifically designed to suite each estates requirements:

  • First aid – Level 1
  • Firefighting
  • Snake catching
  • Survival swimming
  • Dealing with domestic disputes
  • Health and safety
  • Crime scene management
  • High risk patrol duties
  • Firearm handling
  • Defensive driving
  • Client liaison
  • Telephone etiquette

As a leading provider of innovative security solutions to high-risk, customer-focused environments, we are enhancing total value through service excellence and leading-edge products that improve client benefit and final consumer experience.

We realise that you need a hundred pair of eyes looking at hundreds of places at any giving moment. With over a century of combined experience in the industry, we provide specialised security services customised to fit your unique needs.

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