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The idea behind commercial guarding is that it allows your business to forge ahead with its core operations, free from nagging security concerns.  Here’s a taste of the peace of mind Tactical Guarding can offer you during trading hours, and beyond.

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It is our honour to be trusted with so many households and businesses to keep their assets and people safe.

Our dedication to creating a safer and more controlled work environment not only keeps your assets and capital investments safe but we also give your human capital peace of mind, adding to a happier and stabler work environment. No two organizations have security needs that are exactly alike. That’s why your security services program should be tailored to your needs.

We provide customised physical security solutions to meet the specific needs of large and small organizations.

Your staff are your biggest asset and their safety should be too. Often we find that by implementing on site access control into office parks, shopping centers or buildings, that the risk of high risk crimes are reduced drastically. This is achieved by introducing video verification and visibility by security officers. Officers are trained and know exactly what to look out for. We all know that gone are the days when criminals looked like, well, criminals.

Let us focus on the criminal element lurking around, leaving your personnel to be productive and focus on their daily tasks.

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We are here to protect you

Burglary, vandalism, external or internal theft, liability and unauthorised entry are all issues that can highly impact your business.

Tactical Guarding offers a wide range of advanced security solutions, designed specifically to meet your business needs, assuring a safer and fully controlled environment.

Walk in the park

If you work in an office park, where a large amount of traffic enters and leaves each day, it is in your interests to invest in the services of access-control security staff. These individuals will protect your interests by maintaining a highly visible security presence; patrolling buildings and entrances at regular intervals; and watching CCTV screens when they’re not out on the grounds. Business owners can select whether guards patrol on foot, by bike or in a golf cart/electric vehicle – whichever will get them to the scene of a crime most rapidly, and will deter any potential criminals before they get started.

Lone Ranger

What about if your operations are based in a stand-alone warehouse, factory or housing estate, where valuable items and expensive equipment is stored? Do you know how to secure your assets? To avoid falling victim to regular break-ins, theft of stock or assets or damaged machinery, it is wise to ensure that you have security staff on the premises or on standby at all times to perform ad hoc patrols throughout the hours of highest risk. You’ll be freed up to focus your attention on incoming orders, and factory staff won’t be left operating machinery that could pose a safety-risk after vandals have wreaked havoc on it.

Money Bags

Do you have large amounts of cash on-site or changing hands on your premises, or need a security team to attend to the safety of your cashier at key times? Our commercial security guarding staff can be hired to create the safest possible circumstances in which to handle cash, in an era where armed robbery is a distinct possibility. Tactical Guarding employees monitor the entrances and exits of your premises, keep their eyes peeled for hidden weapons, and scan the premises in question for signs of irregularity. An access-controlled security gate at your premises may not provide sufficient protection.



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Tactical Guarding’s integrated solutions will seamlessly allow you to monitor and manage all aspects of your business security by using the advanced capabilities of our highly trained personnel, access control and video surveillance technology.

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